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How To Be An Expert At Using Sanitizer?

Do you really need to be an expert at using sanitizer? Why? It became a part of life after the pandemic, still, we consider it a daily chore. The strange and, by default, says that daily chores are not the tasks that require expertise.

Believe me; this is not the case when you use a sanitizer (even if you see it as a daily chore). If you ask yourself what a sanitizer is, what comes to mind? A substance that is made to kill germs on your hands. But what if I say your sanitizer is harming your health in one way or another? You might wonder and ask how then here comes the role of expertise.

If you are an expert at using sanitizer, you don’t need to worry about the side effects of a sanitizer. Experts know what’s good and what’s bad for your overall health.

What expertise do you need?

Let’s come to the point, what to do to become an expert at using a sanitizer? This is the question that is hitting your mind now. Let’s answer this in a classified manner to make things simple and understandable to you.


If you look for ingredients in a sanitizer, alcohol is capturing most of the market, but it is not the only way to kill germs. There are some more valuable and safe ingredients that you need to know. Do you know about alternatives to alcohol? Well, HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid) is one of them. Give it a try, as it is effective and safe!

Right Moments To Use

Do you know there are moments when you shouldn’t use a sanitizer? Why? It depends upon the moments, situation, and risks associated. If you are aware of various ingredients, you will find that some components, such as alcohol-based sanitizer, are not safe to use in the kitchen. So this crucial thing makes you an expert.

Right Method To Use

Using a sanitizer is simple, put some sanitizer on your hands, rub your hands, and it’s done! However, if we go a little deeper, we find that authorities have given some specific recommendations like a hand rubbing time, sanitizer dosage, etc. Knowing all these metrics will make you an expert.

Basic 101 Material

Do you know the expiry of sanitizers? Do you know the right amount to use at a time? If you are doubtful about the answers, it is essential to go through Sanitizer 101.

Expert Views

Before we start using it, we need to know the expert’s opinions on it. Not only do you need sanitizer experts but some other experts or authorities like dermatologists because sanitizers are directly applied to our skin. Knowing the expert views will make you an expert at using a sanitizer. However, sometimes knowing more than expert views is also essential.


All of the factors mentioned above are related strongly to each other. You can’t skip one and focus on the other. Knowing all these factors will help you get a safe and effective sanitizer. You know what? Experts recommend HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid) based sanitizer because it is compatible with all the above factors.

-Pankaj Rai

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