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Ingredients That Can Replace Alcohol In Hand Sanitizer

Due to CDC (Centre For Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) recommendations, alcohol hand sanitizers are in demand, but they are not safe if used continuously. People who have been facing issues after continuous use of alcohol based hand sanitizers are always looking for alternate options. Are there any? Yes, of course, but before switching to a new one, you need to know the difference between alcohol based hand sanitizer and alcohol free hand sanitizer.

According to authorities, alcohol hand sanitizers are the most effective, but what about the toxicity of its secondary ingredients? Yes, most of these alcohol based products have secondary hand sanitizer ingredients that are lethal. For this, you need to see the sanitizer ingredients list and their side effects. 

Is there anything like a hand sanitizer ingredients list? Yes, the list can be short or long, depending upon the type of hand sanitizer. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can have many supportive elements, which could be toxic. Ingredients in sanitizer based on alcohol consist of triclosan, butane, parabens, Ethanolamine, benzene, etc. They are not safe to use because they can cause diseases like COPD, Asthma, Eczema, etc.

On the other hand, alcohol free hand sanitizers are free from toxic chemicals. This hand sanitizer ingredients list is not that long. It only has a few naturally produced or bio-mimicked chemicals in it. So the risk of deadly diseases such as COPD, Asthma, and disrupted endocrine system are not there to bother you.

Choose These Over Alcohol

It is not too complicated! You don’t need to dig into the hand sanitizer chemical formula. However, knowing the basics of the preparation of hand sanitizer might help you. In this, you need to know the basics of the chemical composition of hand sanitizer. Just look for whether it is made up of alcohol or any other component? There are some other good options to choose from: 


Hypochlorous Acid. Don’t panic reading the word “Acid.” This chemical compound is one of the practical and safe alternatives to alcohol. 

We can call it a natural component as it is produced naturally in the human body. White blood cells are where HOCl is produced, and it supports the immunity system. In the same way, HOCl is created through biomimicry and is used to kill germs and viruses. 

Not only is HOCl good for the human skin, but also safe for the environment, plants, animals, food, and even sensitive lives such as old-aged, kids, patients, etc.

It doesn’t dry out the skin just like alcohol based hand sanitizer; rather, it supports the skin health by hydrating it. 

Essential Oils

Essential oils are also considered an ingredient for hand sanitizers, but their effectiveness is never assured. You may have seen many people making hand sanitizer at home using lavender and peppermint essential oils. However, experts recommended adding alcohol content to it for the same effectiveness. 

Question On Effectiveness

Alcohol is always given importance among all the other hand sanitizer ingredients giving the sake of effectiveness. We all want an effective sanitizer to be part of our life so that no viruses & infections can take place. But who says alcohol free hand sanitizers are not that effective? A sanitizer without alcohol ingredients can be effective if the suitable component is used correctly.

Turn The Tables Now!

After you have thoroughly researched the hand sanitizer ingredients list, you will find that HOCl is the best solution. Choosing an HOCl-based hand sanitizer will give you tremendous benefits. You will get effective results, good skin, and overall protection without compromising health.

Kill 99.9999% of Germs Now!

Choose Sterloc! It is wholly based upon Hypochlorous acid. What’s that? HOCl is made up of salt, water, and electricity. So why bother about the side effects of alcohol based sanitizer when you have the best option in front of you.

-Pankaj Rai.

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