How Is Every Chemical Not Harmful?

You drink an average glass of water, eat some cheese or have a burger with ketchup, and even the simplest of pleasures such as cooking foods at home exposes you to dozens of chemicals. But not all chemicals are bad for you. Some are good for the human body. We are exposed to safe as well as harmful chemicals in our daily life. 

Science is now giving us a clearer picture of how these substances work in our bodies and why others could be harmful – this blog article reviews how every chemical is not toxic. 

Good Vs. Bad Chemical

A very few moments are there when you discuss the good vs. bad chemical topic. Because most of the time, it is by default embedded in the human mind that chemicals are harmful. However, that’s not the case. The list of safe chemicals is long, as well as the list of toxic chemicals. The matter is about comparing the list of harmful chemicals with safe ones.

Good Chemical

Many chemicals are essential for life, and many of them are quite harmless. For example, water is a chemical, and it is necessary for life. Similarly, oxygen is another essential chemical for life, and it is also relatively harmless. Many other chemicals like these are necessary for life but are not harmful.

Bad Chemical 

Bad chemicals are those that can cause harm to humans, animals, or the environment. They can be found in many everyday products, such as cleaning products, personal care items, and even some food and drinks. Some bad chemicals are known to cause cancer, while others can damage the liver or kidneys.

How Are Chemicals Safe?

You might ask, where do these chemicals come from? Then, chemicals are all around us, coming from many different sources. Some chemicals are naturally occurring, while others are man-made. Chemicals can be found in the air, water, soil, and even in our food.

Chemicals That Are Produced In Human Body

Do you know that chemicals are produced within the human body itself? There is much more to know about this concept. Many chemicals produced within the human body are replicated in the labs using biomimicry. The purpose is to leverage the benefit of the good chemicals.

One of the most effective, safe, and good chemicals produced in the human body is HOCl. It will not be incorrect if you call it a natural chemical. It will change your perception of the chemicals. It is one of the chemicals that can be an alternative to harmful chemicals

Replace Them Now!

As so many products surround us, there are hundreds of chemicals around us. We can’t live without chemicals. But the only thing that we can do is to replace the bad chemicals with the good chemicals. For instance, alcohol-based disinfectants may negatively affect health in the long run. So replacing an alcohol-based disinfectant with something effective & safe is the best solution.

-Pankaj Rai

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