How Does A Sanitizer Work?

How many times have you used hand sanitizer since now? Probably more than 1000 times! But what if I ask you how a sanitizer works? Would you be able to give an appropriate answer? Well, not for sure.

The methodology or the process of a sanitizer is a topic that is always less talked about. Does it mean it is less important? Not at all. It is essential to know how a sanitizer works because it lets you find the best sanitizer. It is all due to the long list of sanitizers and disinfectant ingredients. A sanitizer working principle will help you figure out how different ingredients give different results. Not only this, but it also enables you to figure out the best hand sanitizer in India on various quality standards such as pocket-friendliness, cost, etc.

No matter how many quality standards you check before buying a sanitizer, the core standards are related to the ingredients. To understand the ingredients, you need to know how they work on your skin to kill viruses and germs. They don’t work the same way; however, the basic purpose is the same for all. Are you ready to see how they work?

During the pandemic, people searched for the best sanitizer for covid-19 on the internet, but remember that this is not only about the covid-19 but also about the lifestyle. Yes, sanitizer has become a lifestyle product now.

A sanitizer attacks the cell structure of a virus. A lipid layer works as an envelope for a virus, and the sanitizer’s job is to damage that layer. It ultimately inactivates the virus.

How Alcohol Sanitizer Works!

Alcohol is a potent agent that hits the virus hard, so alcohol sanitizers are recommended most of the time. Sanitizer that contains alcohol as the primary agent is different from the others.

Alcohol doesn’t only kill the virus from the skin, but it has some other impacts as well. It dries out the skin resulting in dry and flaky skin. Ultimately, people harm themselves rather than protect themselves because dry skin is more prone to infections.

But what if one wants to kill viruses but doesn’t want to impact skin or overall health negatively? What is the alternative option to alcohol sanitizer? Well, there is a perfect solution.

How Alcohol-free Sanitizer Works!

HOCl (Hypochlorous acid) is an effective ingredient in killing viruses and is safe for skin and overall health. A HOCl-based sanitizer causes no harm.

From its skin-friendliness to being a pocket-sized hand sanitizer, it is one of the best sanitizers you need.

Knowing the basics of how a sanitizer kills viruses is important. But the more important thing is to see the reaction of the sanitizer ingredient with our body.

-Pankaj Rai

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