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Here is Why Sanitizer is a Lifestyle Product!

Over the last two years, we have spent most of our time maintaining a healthy lifestyle during lockdown. 2020 and 2021 were all about preventing infections, and 2022 is no different.

How many times have you used a sanitizer in the last two years? Since we used it so often, I’m sure you don’t remember. 

Is it true that a sanitizer has become a lifestyle item? Maybe not for everyone, but some people already use it as a lifestyle product. Here’s how to use sanitizer as a lifestyle product in three easy steps.

STEP 1: Figure Out Your Purpose

Before you begin, you should have at least one purpose in mind. Are you more concerned with your skin’s sensitivity or environmental safety? 

A sanitizer can be your lifestyle product if it aligns with your purpose. it could be an alcohol-free hand sanitizer for sensitive skin or eco-friendly sanitizer.

STEP 2: Find The Right Product

Having defined the purpose, now you need to find the right product. Before you open a new tab to search “best sanitizer spray in India“, consider these features that make it eligible as a lifestyle product:

  • Natural
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy To Carry & Use
  • Made For Multiple Purposes
  • Provides Additional Health Benefits
  • Gentle & Safe For All

STEP 3: Bring It In Your Life!

The last step is to fit your sanitizer in different spectrums of your life. HOCl based sanitizer easily fits any spectrum. Following are some examples: 

Grooming & Fashion

If you have room in your grooming kit, why not include a sanitizer? Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) works as a moisturizer and refresher for your skin

The Sports Ally

The wound care ability of a HOCl-based sanitizer allows sports activities and sanitizer to go parallel. It can be used to sanitize equipment such as exercise machines, yoga mats, and all fitness gear, as it is non-corrosive.


Sanitizers are meant for this purpose, but what makes HOCl based sanitizers even more special? Think long term, sanitizers with toxic compounds can cause deadly diseases.

Sanitizer prevents infections, but it must be harmless even in the long. Choose a sanitizer that has HOCl, because it improves immunity. 

Pet Care 

When it comes to our pets, we always want safe products. The best way to clean and disinfect a dog’s kennel or sanitize your hands before grooming your dog is to use HOCl. Sanitizer can be a lifestyle product for pet owners if it has HOCl rather than alcohol.

Kitchen Friendly

For cooking lovers, the kitchen is life. However, it is life for everyone since it provides food on our plates. We rarely allow toxic products into our kitchen, and alcohol-based sanitizer is one of them.

Use an effective disinfectant that is inflammable and safe for edibles to liven up your kitchen. As always, HOCl serves this purpose perfectly, making sanitizer a lifestyle product for all the kitchen kings.

Let’s Stylize Things!

What do you love the most? Safety or style? Don’t compromise on any of them, because they can go hand-in-hand. 

You can uplift your lifestyle by incorporating sanitizer into it as a lifestyle product. Tell us more about your lifestyle, and we’ll tell you how to do it!

– Pankaj Rai

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