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10 Tips On Dog Grooming At Home For Beginners

Don’t you have time to take your dog to a professional groomer? Dog owners often face this problem. What’s stopping you from doing it yourself? 

Although I understand that dog grooming for beginners at home can be challenging, everything can be learned. Even though we know how important grooming is for pets, we still don’t do it, just because it takes effort.

It’s time to take charge of everything. To make it easier for you, I have 10 professional dog grooming tips for you. Find out how to achieve desired results with tips that are even applicable to dog grooming for beginners

1. Understand The Breed

Basics of grooming are always the same for all dogs, but sometimes specific measures are to be followed for some specific dog breeds. If you have a Boxer or Beagle, then you might not need to conduct grooming sessions frequently, but for breeds like the Afghan Hound and Komondor, it is a regular task. 

So it is never the same for all the breeds, and you need to take care of it. Because knowing the breed’s grooming requirements, you will be doing the best for your dog.  

2. Choose The Right Coat Brush

From bristle to pin brushes, there are different brushes available for your dog’s hair. How would you choose one? It depends upon the breed and the type of coat your dog has. 

For dogs with long coats such as American Eskimo, Border Collie, and American Water Spaniel, bristle brushes are good. Brush type also depends upon the purpose such as slickers are good to remove dead hair and mats while rubber combs are best for a smooth coat.

3. Expert Recommended Products

Never use a product for your pet without consulting an expert. We have noticed how ignorantly people started using sanitizer on pets, but ultimately it caused more harm than safety.

Experts recommend never allowing your dog to get in touch with sanitizers containing toxic compounds such as alcohol. However, if it is necessary for you to sanitize your hands before the grooming session then you must use a natural sanitizer that doesn’t cause any harm.

Other than this, never use your own cosmetic products for pet grooming. A pet soap diluted in water is enough, get expert advice before buying a product.

4. The Hidden Pads

Many dog owners forget to check the pads of the dog. From grooming to health, pads are very important to keep an eye on. Regularly check whether they are clean or not. Also, look closely at any crack, cut, or wound on the pads. 

5. Checking For Ticks & Fleas

Not removing ticks and fleas can cause many diseases in your dog. Visit a professional dog handler to learn the proper tick removal method. There are some tools that might help you in this. 

6. Allow The Experts

Bathing, brushing, and cleaning the pads are easy to do with some basic guidelines. Nails and hair clipping are complex tasks that can’t be performed without proper training. 

If you can do it without harming your dog, then go ahead, otherwise, visit an expert and let him do this complex task for you.

7. Don’t Let Infections Enter Ears

Ears are the most ignored part of dog grooming, and it causes many infections. Take care of his ears by checking them regularly and cleaning them frequently. Must dry out the ears after a swimming session, so that moisture doesn’t create an issue.

8. Care For Each Other

During this period of the health crisis, everybody is worried about their health, and pet owners are also among them. 

As per CDC, Covid-19 can spread from humans to animals and vice-versa. However, such cases are rare, but you both have to care for each other during close contact. 

Must ensure that you sanitize your hands with a product that is natural, safe, non-corrosive, and free from toxic compounds before you touch your dog. Also, make sure you have safety gear such as a mask and gloves on while grooming your dog.

9. Comfort Wins Over Style

Mostly, we all love comfort over style. Then why do some dog owners make their dogs uncomfortable? Dogs with long hair look smart and attractive with hair falling overhead, but don’t let it disturb them. 

Dog breeds that face problems include Briard, Black Russian Terrier, Havanese, etc. Make them look attractive with long hair, but never let the hair fall into the eyes. 

10. Get Trained

The biggest mistake that dog owners make is not joining a training session. Whether you are a beginner or playing with dogs for years, you need proper dog grooming training. 

Get time for it, enroll yourself for a proper training session and get professional dog grooming tips from experts to make your dog stay fit and look attractive. 

Your Canine Is Ready!

These tips will help you succeed in your dog grooming session and get the best version of your companion. Show some more love to your four-legged friend and make him the charm of the neighborhood.

Pankaj Rai

5 thoughts on “10 Tips On Dog Grooming At Home For Beginners”
  1. Ever since he got himself a puppy in his apartment, my brother has been really busy playing with it without any proper monitoring. Thankfully, you told us to keep our pet pest-free all the time via decent hygiene practices. For me, he should follow this advice so the puppy can stay in good shape afterwards.

  2. I appreciate when you said that ears are the most neglected aspect of dog grooming, and they are the source of numerous diseases. I want to take my dog to a grooming center to give it a nice make-do. Thanks for the dog grooming tips and I hope that I can take my dog to a good center soon!

  3. You could definitely see your expertise in the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart.

  4. I agree with you when you indicated that dog grooming neglects the ears the most, which can lead to a variety of illnesses. My dog needs a good makeover, therefore I want to take it to a grooming salon. I appreciate the advice on dog grooming, and I’m hoping to soon be able to take my dog to a reputable facility.

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