Your Safety – An Integral Component Of Your Lifestyle?

“Heavy lifting builds strength and muscle, but safety is crucial; otherwise, you will harm yourself,” the trainer said on my first day at the gym.

He cleared that individuals come up with different goals in mind. Some want to lose or gain weight, while others may want to build muscles or strength, but safety should be a common aspect of all the goals. Because without safety, none of the goals can be achieved.

I recalled that I’d heard the exact words somewhere else before. Yeah, it was on my first day at driving school. I remember how the instructor explained the importance of safety from the perspective of driving on the road.

The point is that we talk a lot about safety, which is already embedded in our minds from a very early age. Safety was even there when we took our first step as a toddler. Parents were holding our hands to ensure our safety!

Intentionally or unintentionally, safety is one of the common things we need & observe in different circumstances throughout life.

First baby step, first day at the gym, or first time driving a car, are just examples. There were thousands of other incidents when we saw safety as a priority.

Common Path For Common Destination

Safety is an integral part of life, becoming a common goal whenever exciting, innovative, or adventurous initiatives are taken.

Now the question is when it becomes a common destination, should there be a common path too? Is there any? The path to achieving safety looks subjective, but it can be made common. How do we develop a common path for all to achieve safety?

Having a standard and overall definition of safety is one thing! But unfortunately, it isn’t easy to give a standard definition of safety for all.

Wait! There is a solution.

The solution is to develop a common path by classifying safety at three significant levels. They are as follows:

#1. Physical

#2. Mental

#3. Environmental

Strong Connection

They are three different levels, but they are strongly connected.

Mental health safety can’t be achieved without physical health safety, and both can’t be achieved without environmental safety. None of these is more or less important than the other; they are equally important.

However, a hierarchy may help you achieve holistic well-being (mental, physical, environmental, or social). It turns a complex task into an easy one. Let’s break it down into three steps:

Step #1: It starts with physical well-being. A body that is fit and healthy will develop a strong mindset.

Step #2: A person with a healthy body and strong mind actively contributes to environmental development.

Step #3: A developed environment provides opportunities for new adventurous initiatives.

Result: Adventurous, innovative, and great initiatives always start with safety! Makes sense?

Are You Ready?

Holistic well-being sounds like a hard-to-achieve goal to many. The common path mentioned above will get you to achieve the common goal of “safety,” and ultimately, it will result in holistic well-being. Are you ready for this? Remember, the first step is to start with physical well-being. Let’s run together; make yourself a part of Freedom Run 2022.

-Pankaj Rai

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