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Sanitizer 101: Dosage Limit, Expiry, and Mistakes People Make

This is a strange challenge!

This beginner’s guide is not just for beginners. The information about sanitizer embedded in this post will surprise even frequent users.

This information is not about hand sanitizer specifications or ingredients, as we have covered them all previously. Now it is time to talk about the most confusing things about a hand sanitizer and they are its dosage, expiry, and usage.

By the end of this post, you will be aware of how to use hand sanitizer considering factors like dosage and expiry. 

Sanitizer Dosage

If you pick up any sanitizer around you and check its label, you’ll be surprised! That’s because most sanitizer labels do not specify the dosage. So how do we know how much to use?

Did you ever give a thought to it? Sanitizer dosage? Is there any sanitizer dosage limit? Maybe these questions sound new to you, but they are really important. 

Defining dosage, there are two points to keep in mind, the first is Per Use dosage and the second is the dose in a 24-hour span or day. 

For single-use, the dosage limit and rubbing time, both matter equally. According to experts, the dosage is a key factor and 20 to 30 seconds is adequate rubbing time. In order to achieve this, we need 2 to 3 ml of sanitizer in our hands. However, most people are not aware of this and continue to use anything between 0.75 ml to 2.25 ml as per a recent study.

Talking about the daily limit of applying sanitizer, there are no specific prescriptions. However, experts recommend using sanitizer in public places as well as in private. Always keep in mind that a sanitizer can’t completely replace the hand-wash.

Sanitizer Expiry

Before stepping up to the uses of hand sanitizer or finding the best hand sanitizer, we must go more deeply about its expiry. Is there anything like hand sanitizer expiry? 

As per FDA regulation laws, every product must be labeled with an expiry date. If not then it must have data showing the stability of the product for 3 years. Sanitizers have an expiry date on them, but still, there is a doubt whether you can use them after expiry or not? 

According to experts, sanitizers expire when their active ingredient loses its effectiveness. The most common problem occurs when the alcohol used in sanitizer evaporates. However, if we use an alcohol-free hand sanitizer, then perhaps the effectiveness will last even after the expiration date.

You must not use an expired product, as the experts would also not recommend it. Also, FDA has clearly stated that it has no information on the effectiveness after the expiry date of hand sanitizer. 

Sanitizer Mistakes

In order to kill germs and viruses, sanitizers are typically used, but what if a sanitizer doesn’t provide you with a shield? Even the best hand sanitizers may fail to provide safety if used in the wrong way. We often make these mistakes when using a hand sanitizer.

  • Not rubbing for at least 20 seconds.
  • Using sanitizer on dirty hands.
  • Using a less effective hand sanitizer.
  • Relying on sanitizer and not washing hands. 

Three Takeaways!

Don’t get confused by sanitizer expiry dates, dosage, or usage directions, but don’t ignore them either. Whatever your level of expertise, you must know the indispensable part of personal hygiene. You must consider these three key points every time you buy or use a sanitizer.

  1. Consider expert recommendations on dosage. 
  2. Check expiry before you buy, and never use an expired one.
  3. Common usage mistakes can make it less effective.

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