4 Moments When You Shouldn’t Use A Sanitizer

Covid changed both the way we live and the way we think. As a result of the pandemic, we started seeing things with a critical eye. Our homes are now equipped with more cleanliness and hygiene products.

The use of these products has seen a significant increase, whether it is a sanitizer for personal use or a disinfectant liquid for environmental hygiene. Clearly, there are times when using a hand sanitizer is a must, but what about those times when you shouldn’t?

Near Fire

There are sanitizers with organic chemicals, but the market is flooded more with products containing inflammable ingredients like alcohol and butane.

If you are using an alcohol-based sanitizer then don’t use it when you are near the fire. The best way to reduce the risk is to switch to an alcohol-free sanitizer that contains non-inflammable ingredients such as HOCl acid.

During Dining

If your sanitizer contains harsh chemicals, then you shouldn’t use it during dining, specifically not before or during meals.

There are some harmful chemicals that cause many health issues including hormonal imbalance, respiratory infections, antibiotic resistance, etc. The solution is to wash your hands always before dining and if required, use a hand sanitizer that is safe during dining.

Near A Sensitive Life

Using a sanitizer has become an important part of our daily routine, that we don’t consider the surroundings while using them. Maybe you are not sure how regular sanitizers can trouble sensitive lives such as elderly persons, patients, kids, plants, or animals.

So you need to avoid using toxic sanitizer around patients, senior citizens, and children, and the other way is to stop using toxic sanitizer and switch to natural ones.

During Oral Hygiene Activities

Oral hygiene always tops the list of basic hygiene tips, because it helps you combat many disease-causing factors before they do their job. Our hands are very close to our mouth during oral hygiene activities, be it brushing the teeth, rinsing, flossing, and many more.

What if you have sanitizer residue on your hands while performing these activities? Don’t sanitize your hands before you go for oral hygiene. Also, you can find a safe hand sanitizer that causes no harm even during oral hygiene activities.

Tick All At Once

Before using a hand sanitizer, you must check off the aforementioned four points. You can’t tick them all one by one, so what should you do? Do you want to check them all at once? Hence, you should replace your toxic hand sanitizer with one that is safe, natural, non-toxic, and alcohol-free.

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