Hand Sanitizer for your Kid

Things To Consider Before Buying a Sanitizer for Your Kid

Before purchasing something for their children, parents give considerable thought. I realized it when I accompanied my elder cousin in his supermarket shopping. He quickly picked up everything from groceries to toiletries, but he was picky when it came to buying hand sanitizer for his child.

Some proclaimed best hand sanitizer for kids etched worry-lines across his face, forcing me to intervene. I asked in a way to help him shop quickly (Because I had some other plans too 😁).

However, he was confused about choosing the kids’ hand sanitizer because of depressing news explaining the side effects of hand sanitizers for kids. We decided to look for the best, safest, and most natural hand sanitizer for kids, but a plethora of sanitizers with bright labels and cartoon characters only added to our confusion. 

Finally, he decided to research more about kids’ hand sanitizer to reveal hand sanitizer facts. After having a word with his family doctor, and thorough research, he created a checklist of things to consider before buying a sanitizer for kids, I am here sharing all those points, so you can also get help from it.

Know The Types

All the sanitizers may look the same to you, but they are all different. Do you know the types of sanitizers? These are some of the major types of sanitizers.



      ◈Chlorine Based

      ◈Electrolyzed Water

Understand The Science

While you know the types of hand sanitizers, understanding their science is also significant. Studies and recent incidents indicate that alcohol-based sanitizers are not safe for kids. Additionally, chlorine-based sanitizers have different components; from water cleaning to disinfection, chlorine is used in a number of applications. Understanding how hand sanitizers are made would help you know all the pros and cons, so that you can choose the best one for your child.   

Forget About Alcohol

Children must not use to alcohol-based sanitizers, which are clearly unsafe, so find a substitute to protect them from viruses, and forget about alcohol-based sanitizers.

Sensitivity Of Skin & Eyes

Kids have a very delicate skin and eyes, which is why they suffer from conditions such as Winter Hand Blues. Many products claim to be safe for the skin and eyes, but you should rely on research rather than claims. 


Is your hand sanitizer killing all the germs? Obviously, this is a common question, but to ensure your child’s safety, choose a hand sanitizer that can effectively kill all the germs.

See What Experts Say

Rather than taking the advice from your folks and peer groups, you ought to get some insightful information from expert sources, because your kid needs a sanitizer recommended by experts.  

Easy To Use & Carry

Sanitizers that need you to follow a special set of instructions are never suitable for kids. Instant hand sanitizers are important for kids because they can use them quickly. Sanitizers are necessary to carry, so a pocket sanitizer or small hand sanitizer will be a great help to kids. 

Safe For Edibles

Hand sanitizers with harsh chemicals are not safe to use when we are just about to eat something. During school, vacation, or any other outdoor activity, kids need nutritious food for energy and protection from germs. A hand sanitizer that is safe for food can achieve both goals; so always look for a sanitizer that is safe for edibles. 

One That Meets All Requirements – HOCl

Following the above checklist might make you feel it is difficult to find a product that meets all requirements, but there is one. HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid) is what I am talking about.  

HOCl-based sanitizers come under electrolyzed water-based sanitizers that are made up of water, salt, and electricity only. Astonished? Yes, it is true, there is no other chemical used in HOCl-based hand sanitizers. HOCl is skin-friendly, effective, alcohol-free, natural, safe for edibles, and recommended by experts.

Finally, Confusion Is Gone…

Through extensive research, expert recommendations, and analysis, we found a solution that makes it easy for every parent to get the best hand sanitizer for kids. Your kid needs HOCl-based hand sanitizer. Let parents who are worried about kids’ hand sanitizers know about this post.

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