Your Rights, Our Responsibilities!

We all are consumers in one way or another, and we all have some fundamental rights. Are you aware of the fundamental consumer rights in India? Today we will discuss consumer rights that the Constitution of India gives us under the Consumer Protection Act India. 

15th March is observed as World Consumer Rights Day every year, and in India, National Consumer Day is celebrated as “Bhartiya Grahak Divas” on 24th December every year. No matter, what the dates are, the thing that matters is the awareness of the rights among the consumers.

Oh, Sorry! I forgot to elaborate more on the title, “Your Rights, Our Responsibilities.” This should be the slogan for all businesses, service providers, and product companies. Consumer rights are always the responsibility of companies, and we at Sterloc follow this as our motto.

Six Rights, Six Responsibilities!

The Consumer Protection Act, India, has six fundamental consumer rights types. Sterloc, as a brand, makes efficient efforts to stay parallel with these rights because we see these six rights as our six responsibilities.

#1. Right to Safety

The first and the most important thing is the safety of the consumer. Among all Consumer Rights, the Right to Safety ensures that consumers get the safe product only. Protection from hazardous products is the right of a consumer.

Sterloc fits perfectly here because it ensures the safety of consumers from germs and viruses. And it is a product that is completely safe to use for people of different generations with different sensitivities.

#2. Right to Information

It is a consumer’s right to get enough information about the product & brand with complete transparency. When it comes to Sterloc, we provide complete information about its composition, pricing, shelf life, and other necessary aspects in a very transparent way.

#3. Right to Choice

It is a consumer’s right to choose what they want, and Sterloc fits best in this place. We have a range of products according to the consumer’s requirement. From pocket-sized sanitizer to a 1-liter pack and from a single product to combos, we give the complete custom options to choose from for our consumers.

#4. Right to be Heard

As a consumer, it’s your right to be heard by the brand you are buying. Here at Sterloc, we have built a proper channel and assigned a responsible point of contact to listen to all the queries that our customers have.

#5. Right to Seek Redressal

Consumers have grievances about the products, and they need redressal; that is why Consumer Protection Act provides the right to seek redressal to the consumers in India.

Our customers are the happiest, and they don’t have any complaints about the product. Still, we have a proper medium for our customers to seek redressal anytime.

#6. Right to Consumer Education

Consumers can get more and more education about the product before buying anything. It is a core fundamental right that the Act provides.

Sterloc, as a brand, always plays a significant role in educating customers about the product. We are constantly helping people know more about HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid) and its benefits.


World Consumer Rights Day is all about the protection of consumers’ rights. Sterloc is all about the protection of its customers’ health.

It goes parallel; your rights are responsibilities for Sterloc. Concluding this whole thing, here is what we can say at this happy ending of this post and healthy beginning of this Consumer-Company & Rights-Responsibilities jugalbandi –

“The Consumer Protection Act Provides The Consumer Rights”

“Sterloc Ensures Protection of Its Consumers In The Germ Fight”

-Pankaj Rai

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