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What is HOCl?

HOCl is a natural part of our body’s internal defense system. HOCl, i.e., hypochlorous acid, is nothing but a weak acid naturally formed within the human body. However, it is a powerful weapon strengthening the body to fight against pathogens. The all-natural compound is free from chemicals, non-toxic, and safe to use. It is nature’s […]

Unexpected Uses Of HOCl

Unexpected Uses Of HOCl

HOCl is not a new thing to the world. Following the concept of biomimicry and the self-healing properties of the human body, Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is becoming a common thing. Where do we use it? We all know that HOCl is used in sanitizers, and it is more effective and soothing than sanitizers based on […]

The Future of HOCl & what makes it invincible

The Future Of HOCl & What Makes It Invincible?

When I say HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid), the first thing that comes to mind is disinfectant or sanitizer. However, it would not be the same in the future. Researchers and marketers will altogether take HOCl to new heights, where it will be solving more human problems than ever. Saying that HOCl is just a chemical is […]


Fun Facts About Sneezing That Will Shock You!

Don’t judge it as a boring topic just because it talks only about the sneeze. I’m 101% sure that it will give you guaranteed fun by the end. You might yell at me, “Knowing about a sneeze is interesting?” Yes, it is.  Sneezing facts are just a minute part and after knowing them you will […]


The First Time I Heard About HOCl…

I planned to go all-natural the first time I heard about HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid). It may appear awkward to you because you are maybe unaware of the magical benefits; I was astounded as well at first. When I told one of my friends what I was thinking, he laughed and was surprised at the same […]

HOCl || An up-and-coming sanitizer & disinfectant solution

They say hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is not a new substance and has been known for years. Well, it is surely not new for our readers here ☺. You, by now, know a lot about this weak acid and have helped us gain and maintain this knowledge as well in the process.  The world and people’s […]

Evolution of HOCl

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl or HClO), a weak acid, is found in white blood cells (WBCs) of the human body, or all mammals for that matter. It is soluble in water and forms a productive disinfectant. Known to be a nontoxic solution since ages, its pattern of usage has gracefully evolved over time. Who discovered it? […]

HOCL – The Sanjeevani Booti of our times!

The pandemic took its toll on many and induced a fear that would make us do just about anything for survival. The market was ringing hell’s-bells and unfortunately, it created an opportune market for superficial and counterfeit drugs, a plethora of fake disinfectants and hand sanitizers, claiming to be life-saving. Turns out, it was money-making […]

And the Winner is HOCl…!

HOCl is one of the most powerful weapons in our arsenal today. It fights our enemies and protects us. Who is the largest enemy of our time? Yes, that’s right! It’s coronavirus – it has been impacting all of us in some capacity. The enemy is coronavirus, the war started in 2019 as COVID-19, and […]

Top 5 benefits of Fogging with HOCl

HOCl is an organic germ killer; it kills what must be killed without even a speck of harm to us, our children, our plants, and our pets. We can HOCl fog our homes, offices, schools, restaurants, hospitals, and other public places. What are the benefits of Fogging with HOCl? Decontamination Coronavirus is in the air […]