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Faith Or Medicine? Which One Is Better?

“Faith can move mountains.”

This is a quote used to refer to the faith healing in the Bible. Might you wonder and ask about faith healing? For those who don’t know the faith healing meaning, It is just as simple as its name: healing with faith, that’s it.

Nothing fancy and technical about faith healing, as it existed even thousands of years ago. However, its existence now became questionable when we are in the 21st century. Faith healing in India and many other countries can be found in scriptures, ancient stories, etc. 

People don’t ask, what is faith healing? They don’t question the advantages or disadvantages of faith healing, but they ask a simple one, does it exist? Is it beneficial to cure diseases? Can we start a new debate: Faith healing vs medical treatment?

I will get back to it, but let me tell you one thing. This faith healing vs medical treatment debate will take us nowhere.

As Indians, we don’t search for faith healing examples on Google because we have seen many around us. Faith healing in India is common, as you can see in most of the 😁TV shows & Bollywood movies.

Jokes Apart! Let’s find out more about faith healing and does it really exists? If you ask me what the Bible says about faith and healing, there is a lot, but it comes to a doubtful point when you ask how does faith healing work? No doubt, there have been some studies conducted to explore faith healing more, but still, no specific outcomes received. 

I have seen faith healing a lot, and I want to tell you that it is strongly connected with psychology. The more you keep your brain stuffed with positive thoughts, the more you will recover from a disease. The more you think about a disease, you will see adverse effects. And faith is what brings positivity. It’s like a chain: faith to positivity and positivity to healing. 

The Bible and many other religious scriptures support faith healing in many ways. Even the literature has supported it through various artworks; faith healing by Philip Larkin is one example. His faith healing poem shows how it is a useful method to receive healing, but can it compete with the medical treatment? 

Not Competitors, They’re Supporters!

No, comparing both these techniques is not a good thing. Faith is essential because it makes you optimistic. Medical treatment is important because it practically solves the issue. Even during medical treatment, patients have to have faith in the doctor and the science. You can’t mentally conquer disease with medical treatment if there is no faith. Both of these methods are not competitors of each other, but they are supporters. 

– Pankaj Rai 

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