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Why Thinking About Health Issues Leads To More Health Issues?

I was always told that I overthink in terms of health issues. I denied accepting this common statement that I have ever heard about myself. Even after my denial, people around me believed it strongly for me and counted it as one of my mental health issues. 

It was not me who denied it, but my blindness toward overthinking side effects. However, COVID-19 taught me that I was wrong, and everyone who said that thinking about health issues leads to more health issues was correct.

Before that, I always questioned this statement. Even when I came across some scientific reasons stating that thoughts and emotions can cause physical health issues, It was difficult for me to believe.

I used to believe that there are various types of mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and all, but what’s this? Thinking about health issues causes more health issues? I could never believe in this so-called “Negative thinking disorder.”

Maybe your thoughts are different from mine, but I want you to look at some studies that say and even prove it with the help of expert opinions. If they do not convince you, then take my story as a lesson.

It’s a short story of a time when I was caught by the biggest danger of the last decade, Covid-19. I got panicked; even over-panicked would be the right thing to say.

The Real Story Begins

As per a doctor’s recommendations, I isolated myself, started having healthy food & supplements, started medication procedures, started steam & gargle therapy, and kept on checking my health regularly. I did everything, and that included one more thing: Youtube Search. I started watching every random covid-19 video that the Youtube algorithm suggested.

From every video, my mind picked up negative things by default. I started believing that I was facing a short-breath problem that was shrinking my lung capacity, and I would die.

At that moment, I was at the peak of panic; I picked up the oximeter and checked my oxygen level, It was 85, and it was the second time a number made me scared; the first time, it was my high school grades. I called my doctor and explained everything; he said to keep calm and visit my clinic.

The Smart Doctor!

I asked the doctor whether I needed screening of my lungs or shall I need to go to a hospital to get an oxygen cylinder standing beside my bed? Doctor just smiled and asked me, “Do you watch movies?” I said, “no.”

“Okay, then what do you do to entertain yourself?” he asked.

“I watch standup comedy shows,” I said with confusion in my mind.

“Okay, go home, continue all my recommended practices & diet, and watch as much as standup comedy shows you can.”

Thanks, Day!

The thanks day came after a night full of laughter. I watched all my favorite standup comedians, and the next day I checked my oxygen level, and it was back on the right track. I called and thanked my doctor.

The Secret Sauce!

Do you want to know the secret sauce behind this “laughter recipe”? Even though I didn’t know it, my doctor explained it. He said that I was making the following three mistakes:


I was overthinking. I was putting myself in a scenario that was not even close to me in reality. Overthinking is the core reason for the majority of mental health issues. Overthinking side effects is so dangerous that they make you believe you will die even due to a common headache.

Focusing On Problems

I was undoubtedly following all the solutions given by an expert, but my core focus was still on problems. I was thinking about problems more than the solutions. It pushed more negative thoughts into my head.

Trust Issues

Due to focusing on problems and overthinking, I lost hope in the remedies I was applying to cure myself. I could not trust the treatments being followed, and I wanted to have some more added to provide safety.

All these three mistakes made me fall into the trap of panic. Even it showed adverse effects on my health. But a single step toward laughter helped me overcome the panic and recover quickly from a severe disease.

-Pankaj Rai.

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