3 Reasons Why Your Sanitizer Never Works Out the Way You Plan

We all plan out things, but things never go the same way. The same happens when you plan to use a sanitizer, but it becomes ineffective. In the worse case, rather than effectiveness, a sanitizer will show up side effects on your body.

Why does this happen? Do you want to know the actual reason? Well, here we are with the three reasons why your sanitizer is not effective enough. It is not working the way you planned and showing no practical results.

Reason #1: The Wrong Product

It is obvious that you won’t get the right results with the wrong product. No, I’m not here talking about the brands or manufacturers. But I’m talking about the ingredients that your sanitizer has.

Not having the right ingredients in your sanitizer spray bottle is a big but less addressed problem. People randomly pick up the hand sanitizer bottle from the market. I know you don’t need to go on a hunt to find the best hand sanitizer in India. But at least you can ensure that your sanitizer has the right ingredients.

Saying “right ingredients” doesn’t mean having too much alcohol. Even in some cases, alcohol sanitizer is not safe, according to experts. Don’t panic! You have a lot of options to replace alcohol in your sanitizer.

Reason #2: The Wrong Method

During and after the pandemic, people became obsessed with sanitizer. This obsession resulted in so many mistakes. These mistakes are related to the way they use hand sanitizer. Following are the major mistakes you might make while applying a hand sanitizer.

  • Overusing
  • Not Washing Your Hands
  • Not Applying Appropriate Amount
  • Using Sanitizer For Fragrance
  • Using Expired Sanitizer

You should know the hand sanitizer facts to ensure you are not making these mistakes. 

Reason #3: The Wrong Surrounding

Using the wrong sanitizer in the wrong way at the wrong place will lead you nowhere. Yes, surroundings are essential too. Simply put, you can’t use alcohol-based hand sanitizer in the kitchen. You can’t even use it near children.

There are so many instructions you need to follow when it comes to the surroundings. Keeping the surroundings in mind every time you use sanitizer is not easy. The easy solution is to find a hand sanitizer that is safe & effective to use in all settings.

Experts recommend using a hand sanitizer free from alcohol and other toxic ingredients. Using a HOCl-based hand sanitizer can help you here.

Is Everything Clear?

These three reasons refrain you from getting satisfactory results out of a sanitizer. Overcoming all these reasons is not that easy, but it is a compulsory thing to do. Using a hand sanitizer that has safe and effective ingredients and is safe for all surroundings is the need of the hour. If you still use the sanitizer incorrectly, these reasons are enough to change your sanitizer.

-Pankaj Rai

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