IndiaSterlocked - A transformative initiative aimed at addressing the pressing health challenges faced by India. The campaign functions under the umbrella vision of leaving a positive footprint on human health.

For every pack of Sterloc sold, one is donated to uplift communities in need. In a nation where inadequate sanitation contributes to devastating health statistics, such as 117,000 children under five succumbing to diarrhoea annually, we believe it's our responsibility to make a difference.

By aligning with the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, IndiaSterlocked targets areas with improper sanitization and disinfection. Through a "buy one, donate one" model, we aim to work with local NGOs, community leaders, and health authorities to identify, educate, and uplift communities lacking proper hygiene infrastructure. Together, let's make IndiaSterlocked, fostering a healthier and cleaner nation for generations to come.

NGOs we collaborate with

Samvaad NGO
Aalok NGO
Sarvani NGO