About Sterloc

Sterloc commands an exemplar position in terms of an effective & safe product for hand hygiene and surface disinfection. Sterloc's sanitizer spray and surface disinfectant spray have proven to exhibit exceptional virucidal and anti-microbial properties.

why Sterloc

Did you know microorganisms can make humans powerfully sick? Did you also know that most pathogenic diseases are infectious & communicable? Pathogens damage not only our body but also the food we eat! Contemplating these facts could be worrisome and disturbing. However, these worries vanish or at least lessen to a great extent when you discover a powerful solution to combat these dangers without having to fear any associated complications. STERLOC is that solution! The naturalness & efficacy of Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) empowers STERLOC as the need of the hour. Its multipurposeness further strengthens it as a lifestyle product.

room sanitizer spray


A lifestyle product that must be a part of everybody's life! However, not everyone can think to inculcate even these primary, much-required hygiene disciplines in their lives.

Let's become a change-bearer in such lives & ensure the persistence of the chain of cleanliness.

Join the IndiaSterlocked drive - For Every Pack Sold, One is Donated to Uplift India!

hocl disinfectant spray in india
All Natural

Composed of water, salt, and
electricity. That’s it!

Non toxic

Hypochlorous Acid is a naturally occurring
component with multifold uses

Bacteria and Viruses

Kills 99.9999% of Harmful
Bacteria & Viruses

Non Irritating
Gentle on Skin

Neutral pH - can be used for all skin types -
leaves no residue on the skin

sterloc No harsh chemical

No harsh chemicals, free from alcohol, bleach,
additives, or any artificial fragrance

sterloc Safe
Safe to Use

On babies, pets, plants, &
varied surfaces

Proudly Manufactured in INDIA