Merry Christmas

Three Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Christmas

Well, practically nothing can spoil Christmas! Every experience prepares you to plan better for the next one, such is its charm. But an ill-planned Christmas surely can leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth…and we don’t need that. Do we? That being said, Are you prepared for Christmas eve? Got the Santa Claus caps and the Christmas tree with jingle bells ready?

Wonderful! I have a few ideas for your Christmas day plans.

It’s not about binge-watching 😀 “A California Christmas: City Lights” or “A Boy Called Christmas” on Netflix. I am here to tell you about three things to avoid this festival so that you can enjoy it without any regrets.

Before everyone starts sending Merry Christmas wishes, I’ve finished compiling a list of things to avoid based on my previous three Christmas plans, and here’s what I came up with.


The Online Sales Trap

Christmas Day of 2018 was the most upsetting for me, because of the trap of online festival sale offers. I was caught in a trap of some while searching for Christmas decoration ideas online.

Mistake #1: 

I had intended to purchase Christmas greeting cards and gifts for my family and friends.

In a rush, I purchased a pair of shoes 👟 for my nephew from an E-commerce store, but they were not exactly as they appeared online 😡.

Credit goes to the big countdown timer shown on the website, creating fear 😨 among customers that the jumbo 70 percent Christmas discount will end up soon (Don’t judge me, we all get attracted towards such offers 😭). Also, I purchased some Christmas cards online and am at a loss for words when it comes to describing their poor quality 😣.

What I Learnt: 

I’m not implying that every online offer is a Ponzi scheme, but some sellers sell low-quality goods in exchange for large discounts.

You can buy Christmas gifts online, but never make decisions in a hurry, go through the product specifications, return policy, and read product reviews thoroughly before you buy anything.


The Christmas Countdown

Once again, a countdown ruined my Christmas plans, but this time it was a natural timer that ticked in our heads.

Mistake #2: 

A friend of mine came up with the idea of celebrating Shimla’s snowy Christmas.

The plan was good, I liked it, but it was too late because we were planning it late at night on 24th December.

We arrived at the city bus stop at midnight, again in a hurry, but there were no buses.

We got seats in an early morning (Christmas day) bus, but it was a Non-AC bus. We spent the morning hours of Christmas Day on the bus (thanks 😣  to the 🚌ۖtraffic jam on Shimla-Kalka highway) to Shimla and looking for hotels and cabs.

What I Learnt: 

In Shimla, I only had a few hours to celebrate Christmas. We were both tired and shivering due to cold weather and traveling on a Non-AC bus, so I advise you to plan a week ahead of the Christmas and try to avoid out-of-town celebrations if you can.


The Corona War

2020 always reminds us of the pandemic. I planned to celebrate Christmas in my hometown and buy Christmas gifts in the local market in 2020, having learned a lot from my previous mistakes.

Mistake #3:

After the long lockdown, the market was reopened, and people again started flooding the streets due to the festival season. I went shopping with a friend, and he insisted on going to the local market, where there was a huge crowd and no one kept a distance.

What I Learnt: 

After Christmas, a cold and fever began to bother me, I went for a COVID test, which you all know can be terrifying for some. However, I was tested negative. I learned that never take your health for granted. Celebrations are important, but health comes first.

Christmas Day 2021

This year, I have a plan full of soothing experiences. Firstly, I will visit a church with my friend to enjoy watching the musical play based on A Christmas carol storybook written by Charles Dickens.

I’m going to my friend’s house for Christmas dinner after learning a lot from Ebenezer Scrooge‘s transformation from a pinchpenny to a kind man. What’s your plan? Now is the time to share it in the comments!

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