The Domino Effect!! 

“There is no other feeling better than spreading smiles amongst the underprivileged community, especially those kids.”   

I believed in this partially until I became the reason for it myself. A recent event made me realize the true contentment one could get from bringing that beautiful smile you saw on the poster above. I’m sure this is a universal feeling that each one of us wishes to experience, and many of you might have already been there. But if you haven’t, read this till the end and you’ll want to do it right away. 

As part of our IndiaSterlocked campaign, we recently visited the slums of Sector 14, Panchkula. Although my team has done 8 such events in the past, this was the first since I joined here. The basic idea behind ‘IndiaSterlocked’ is to identify and visit the areas where there is improper sanitization, germs and the need for disinfectants with the aim to inculcate healthier living habits in such places to save numerous lives. Upon learning about this, I was quite excited to experience it myself. But, telling you honestly, the real thing was way more satisfying than I anticipated. 

We collaborated with the ‘Sarvani’ NGO team, who helped us educate the people of that slum about general hygiene, sanitation, and how to use a sanitizer properly. We demonstrated the application of a sanitizer to small kids, who were quite happy with the attention they received. Even the women there were eagerly participating and listening to whatever was explained. They engaged thoroughly and even reciprocated with practical questions during the session. 

I was given the responsibility of taking photographs, and I think that made my experience even more worthwhile. Staying attentive the whole time and capturing those moments gave me an added thrill. Moreover, the camera attracted a lot of children towards me who wanted to get their picture taken with a huge smile. Their happiness was on another level just because they felt seen and heard. And I feel that is something we all should remember before considering those kids as just beggars or poor. 

They are just pure innocent souls with a desire to do great things but lack the resources and direction to do so. We can only imagine the conditions of a slum but the reality is far from it. While we know there is an unavailability of basic needs like proper water, the place lacks even basic awareness about hygiene practices. So, we took the initiative to make them aware of germs, hygiene, and healthier living.   

Our first step was to educate them about the prevalence of germs and how they affect their health. All of them listened carefully and answered all our questions with great zeal, which was quite fulfilling. I guess they were also excited to be given the opportunity and privilege. We then showed them how to use a sanitizer using one of the Sterloc bottles. We sprayed it onto the hands of little children there and showed them how to rub it evenly. What happened next is what amazed me the most.  

A girl standing in that crowd approached us and asked for the Sterloc bottle. Perplexed, we gave it to her to see what she wanted to do. The next thing we saw was her spraying Sterloc to other children lined up there. The entire visual was utterly overwhelming for all of us. It immediately hit us how a small action can create a domino effect in an instant which could completely change the lives of several others. We wrapped the event with donating the Sterloc packs as promised in our ‘Buy One Donate One’ IndiaSterlocked campaign.  

I never imagined that a small activity like this could bring me such immense joy and pride. The feeling of creating a significant impact on the lives of others is something that can’t be explained. Bringing healthier habits into their lives and fostering a brighter future for those kids has given new purpose to my own life. My team knows this feeling and now I know it too. We’ve covered many areas, but there are still a lot of them out there who need us, and we won’t stop until we reach them all. 

Penning it down is equally exciting as it was when I was experiencing it all. If you are still here, I’m sure you are also feeling the ‘josh’ like me. This mission is incomplete without your contributions because when YOU buy one, we donate one. Be a part of this journey.  

If you cannot join us physically, we are open to any suggestions or intel on the areas where there is a need for proper sanitization and germs disinfection, and we promise to get there as soon as possible. We are not social workers, but helping others, especially those in need, is an act that brings more pleasure than any other luxury. You don’t have to believe me. Just try it once and you’ll realize it yourself. Grab this opportunity to be a part of a big change and instantly see the difference.

-Manu Singh

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