Rashtriya Ekta Diwas

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas | Stand United Against…..

“I solemnly pledge that I dedicate myself to preserve the unity, integrity, and security of the nation and also strive hard to spread this message among my fellow countrymen. I take this pledge in the spirit of unification of my country, which was made possible by the vision and actions of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. I also solemnly resolve to make my own contribution to ensure internal security of my country.”

A pledge read out in Indian government offices on Rashtriya Ekta Diwas or National Unity Day every year. The day is observed annually on 31st October in India to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

What an honor it is and what level of solidarity a person must have exhibited to be entitled the Iron Man of an entire nation! Such was the first Deputy Prime Minister of independent India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Patel had a significant play during India’s freedom movement and in uniting the country to one from more than 560 separate princely states.

The Government of India declared this day in 2014 with an intention, and as cited by the Ministry of Home Affairs, “The day will provide an opportunity to reaffirm the inherent strength and resilience of our nation to withstand the actual and potential threats to the unity, integrity, and security of our country.” A day isn’t enough, efforts for such a great and ideal perspective need to be done daily, by all.

When starting with this topic, I was wondering what really to cover besides talking about the day. Hence, as always, I went to the “know-it-all” Google Ji. Based on the searches, found some actually relevant aspects one must stand against.


1. The coronavirus pandemic

Well, not just coronavirus; I’ll call it our need to stand united against germs. Since we’ve talked about the same tons of times before, I’d request to go through some of our easily searchable blogs <- here.

2. Hate speeches

What is hate speech? It is, broadly, expressing prejudice against a group based on sexual orientation, race, religion, or any other division with abusive/unacceptable/threatening words either through speech or writing. These words have the capacity to create more damage than weapons – they cause an unnecessary wedge between people who otherwise could live heartily and lovingly together.

3. Terrorism

Boko Haram insurgency in Africa Protests in Sirnak, Turkey to support victims of terrorismCivilians killed in J&K terrorist attack. What is all this? When did the “Paradise on Earth” become a gruesome hub of terrorism? How can we allow some shallow political motives to decide the fate of numerous innocent families?

4. Communal, political, & capitalist ideologies

A communal ideology divides people based on different communities and incites hate and violence between these groups.

A political ideology is based on some principles and ideals laying the ground for the working of a society. As long as it is framed and run with a genuine motive, it can propagate the funda of social good. However, the same can be judged if the public is alert and aware of what’s happening around.

In a broader term, a capitalist ideology believes that individuals are free to operate and earn from their businesses. In other words, not everything in the market should be under the government’s control. Well, the right or wrong about this depends on various factors, mainly being the type of population an economy supports.

All these demands us to be entirely aware and conscious of happenings around us – unless we can tell right from wrong – we won’t actually know what to stand for and what to stand against.

5. Propaganda

Propaganda is the spread of biased, misleading, false information to influence the public for the achievement of a political motive.

6. Oppression

To be under mental pressure or tolerate being ill-treated by others is to be protested and fought against – not something to be okayed or blamed on destiny.

One thing that I’d like to add from my end is – We, as an individual, need to Stand United Against Disrespect. No one can probably give you all the happiness, money, wealth, health, and contentment you deserve. But we can give each other the basic respect we deserve as a living being. Being humiliated or insulting someone is no fun but a lack of humanity!

Let’s choose our battles wisely on this National Unity Day.

Avani Raj Arora

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