Immune System

Is there A Sanitizer That Supports the Immune System?

From foods to supplements, we expect an immunity boost. Can we expect the same from sanitizers? Well, it is not a very common question, but still, it is essential.

What do we expect from a sanitizer? Prevention from viruses and germs? Now you can ask more from a sanitizer because it can boost immunity too.

Not every sanitizer available on the market is capable of doing it. But if you pick up a sanitizer or disinfectant wisely, you might get that.

Not enough studies are there to show you that sanitizers boost immunity. But enough studies and facts are evidence that sanitizers support the immune system.

Before we go deep into how to build a strong immune system with a sanitizer, we need to grasp immune system facts. Knowing how immune system organs work will help you improve your immune system. 

How does the Immune System Function?

The human body has some self-healing mechanisms, and the immune system is among them. Let’s figure out how the immune system functions? We all know that the immune system protects us from virus attacks that could turn into diseases. But our immune system also attacks viruses and pathogens.

What Impacts Our Immunity?

Several factors have an impact on immunity. Our goal should be to avoid damaging and focus more on positively impacting aspects.

When we talk about sanitizers, many toxic sanitizers impact immunity negatively. Here are three things that you need to do to implement this concept for a sanitizer. The first thing is to avoid poisonous sanitizer, so you don’t harm your immunity. The second thing is to switch to a neutral sanitizer that doesn’t cause any harm to your immune system. That’s it; doing these two things will protect your immune system.

Boost The Immunity

But we were talking about immunity boost? What about that? Here’s the catch! The third thing is to start using a hand sanitizer with immunity-supporting ingredients. What type of ingredients are they? HOCl or Hypochlorous Acid is one of the immunity-supporting ingredients. HOCl is good for skin and effectively kills germs; the best part is that it is bio-mimicked from the human body.

White blood cells produce hypochlorous acid in our body, supporting the immune system. Using such a natural ingredient in your sanitizer and disinfectant is beneficial.

Switch Now!

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-Pankaj Rai

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