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Educate ➡ Gift ➡ Rejoice ➡ Repeat | Gift a Sterloc

Yes, it is a continuous loop! The one that starts with good intentions and ends with good feelings. All it takes is your willingness to give. Give away something that benefits someone without any expectation of getting something in return because gifting has its own set of rewards. Try it! It will be a feeling of immense joy! But before we come to the associated rewards, let us discuss all that the process entails.  

It usually begins with a thought to change things around you, and then it translates into action. “All good actions begin with a good thought” You start having initial thoughts as to what, to whom, when, and where?  

Let’s Change the Mindset  

I’ve seen people spend a lot of money on luxury items but hesitate to spend a few pennies to help others. Most of the time, we back off thinking, either we are doing enough, or we don’t have enough for ourselves! The sad part is that we don’t have the same set of thoughts while buying that Rs 2000 bottle of scotch or the pair of jeans we’ve had an eye on but don’t need?   

Nothing For You, Significant for Someone  

Whether you help with a small part of your luxury spendings, it can still bring happiness to someone. I recall that buzzy evening in a bar that cost my friend and me more than Rs 2200. We only gave that service guy Rs 50 when we paid the bill. (After being wowed by the extra melted cheese slathered on the Mexican nachos😋.) Do you know what made us happy that evening? The service guy’s smile brought joy to our lives without saying a single word.  

★Food for thought: One thing people don’t realize is that it wouldn’t feel like an effort when we reap the awards of such little gestures. Rather it would motivate us to do more for society and feel good about it. Then, you will always find enough room to accommodate the needs of others.   

How It Works & What to Do?  

Like they say, “charity begins at home” You may have your house-help, chauffeur, your employee, their children, or anyone. But before you gift, it is vital to educate them about the utility the product or the ‘service’ provides, and, yes, gifting is not limited to handing over physical gifts. It could mean a gazillion little things – tutoring them, giving away the extra set of color sets you don’t use anymore. Look into your wardrobe, and I am sure you will find something that you don’t need any more or possess an extra set.   

Simply put, to give someone the happiness scoop, follow this loop: 

★Educate: Educate someone about cleanliness and hygiene and motivate them to live a clean and hygienic life. Shed some light on the importance of personal hygiene and what all it entails 

★Gift: There are n number of gifting options and Google Baba 😇 is there to help you with ideas. There are gifts for men, women, and children. Because you are not buying gifts for friends or corporate gifts, keep their needs in mind when choosing a gift.  

★Rejoice: This step does not require any actions; simply feeling is sufficient. This is the most stunning section of the loop, especially when you see the satisfaction on someone’s face using the gift you gave them. It’s time to bask in the glory of your good deeds. 

★Repeat: Allow it to become a never-ending process in your life; keep going as long as you can and encourage others to join the bandwagon. Form an anonymous gifting association with your friends or likeminded people.   

Let’s End It Beautifully, Before A New Beginning  

We all have exciting plans for the new year, but let us finish the old one beautifully before moving on to the new one. End the year on a good note, buy them something they can find a use for, or educate them about the utility your Gift serves, see them work its magic, and rejoice, secretly. Trust me, it feels good. Let me back up my claim with a scientific fact, “when we help others, our brains release oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. These hormones have the effect of boosting our mood and counteract the effect of cortisol (the stress hormone).” 

Gift generously, Live happily! 🙂

Pnakaj Rai

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