3 Books That Teach You More About Hygiene

Books are the real friends of human beings. Undoubtedly, the internet has outstripped books in terms of learning, but books are still the best.

From the very beginning, we are using books for learning. No literate person can say that he hasn’t read a book. We depended upon books. Today, I’m going to show you three books that teach you the importance of personal hygiene.

Why three? Because there are different books for kids, teenagers, and adults. Hygiene is equally crucial for all of them, but the way they learn is other. That is why I’m listing three books on this list.

I know it seems unnecessary for some people because most of us know what hygiene is and its importance. Then why reading a book is essential, you might ask! Books are strongly connected with the human mind.

Psychology says that reading a book enhances the state of consciousness. And you know what? Consciousness is access to the subconscious mind. When something is embedded in your subconscious mind, it becomes a firm belief.

It clearly means that reading a book will have more impact on your brain (scientifically) rather than watching a Youtube video. These days we consume more information through video and audio rather than books. However, our personality is still more based on what we learned from books during childhood.

Three Books To Learn Hygiene

Following are the three books that make you learn more about the importance of personal hygiene. Let’s

Personal Hygiene For Kids

Personal hygiene for kids is essential to make their immune systems more robust. The more they have a strong immunity system, the more they will get protected from diseases. I recommend the book Smelly Melly: Personal Hygiene for Kids and Little Monsters“. 

If your kid like the monsters, they will show great love for this book. Writer Niki Palmer has beautifully delivered the message of personal hygiene through this book.

“Smelly Melly” is the main character of this book. Smelly Melly is a friendly monster who feels left out of his friend’s group due to poor hygiene habits. Smelly Melly wants to make new friends, but his poor hygiene becomes an obstacle.

Personal Hygiene For Teens

The transition from a kid to a teen changes a lot of habits in a human being. Hygiene-related habits are also part of it.

It is hard to teach teens with a book, but it is not impossible. Some teens still love to learn from books. The book that I would suggest is “Life Skills for Teens“. Not only the hygiene, but this book teaches all that a teen needs.

Teenagers are at a crossroads, and they will make many decisions before they hit adult age. This book gives an overall knowledge of life skills, and hygiene is part of it. This book by Karen Harris teaches cooking, hygiene, and personal financing to teenagers.

Personal Hygiene For Adults

Adults have learned a lot about personal hygiene. Since they were kids, they are listening to personal hygiene advice.

A big bag full of information and advice might confuse you as an adult. You need a structured approach to hygiene, and this book helps you the best. The book’s name is “Hygiene and Grooming for Male Adults: An Illustrated Guide“.

Read & Spread The Message!

Videos show you visuals, but books let you visualize. The improved power of visualization helps you learn things quickly and evaluate them at your mental level. You can’t learn something from dozens of videos that you can learn from a single book. Apart from reading romantic novels, crime fiction, and motivational books, you should spend time reading these fantastic books about personal hygiene.

-Pankaj Rai

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