Mother's Day

Why Mother’s DAY!!!

Here we are celebrating a day dedicated to our beautiful mothers. But is just one day sufficient to cherish her presence in our lives? 

Well, when I started writing a blog for this Mother’s Day, I thought it would be quite easy given that mothers all over the globe are the same. Even if from different species, the core nature of motherhood remains common among all. But it was not long before I realized how difficult it is going to be.

Although the basic emotion between a mother and child remains the same, the bond that each one of us shares with our own mother is quite different. Right from addressing her with different names – maa, mom, mummy, maata, or whatever we feel like, to the way we behave with her, everything is unique for everyone. Even siblings have their own unique relationships with the same mother. This is the beauty of a mother-child’s timeless relation.

I came to this conclusion after talking to a lot of people about their bonding and memories with their mother. Some people share a very strong and understanding bond with their mom. They freely share everything and in return receive the same energy and understanding, which actually keep the connection alive. These mothers build children that are confident, unsuspicious, and positive in life.

Then there are others who share a restricted bond. These are often the strict moms with whom it is difficult to grow a share-everything kind of relation. But these mothers build bold children who are capable of handling life’s challenges without fear.

There are also some mother-child relations with reversed roles, like that of mine. My mother feels the comfort of reliving her childhood in my presence. Actually, when children are young, a mother sacrifices her all to provide them with any and everything that he/she needs, without expecting anything in return. Her expectation starts to build when we grow up. And eventually, they change their roles from being our provider to becoming the ones who need us more.

I think God made Mothers to be the most emotional creatures on Earth. Her soft and pure heart feels every emotion to the extreme. Her love is the most pious thing in the world, her sadness is the most painful, her tears have the power to tear us apart and when it comes to her anger even the dads step aside. Her prayers are magical for us, which we blindly trust. Her innocence and stubbornness often makes us forget who the child is. I can go on and on, but I think you understood the gist of it. 

From the multitude of relations, we have in our lives (siblings, parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, lovers, etc.), the only constant love is that for a mother. MOTHER is actually not a relation, it is a wholesome feeling in itself. Our existence starts from her, and we grow up protected under her wings to become the best version of ourselves. If you think about it, mothers are not expected to be physically strong, but we feel the safest around her only, no matter how old we become.  

Regardless of how much I write about her, it is impossible to pen down the endless emotions, the dynamic roles, or her unparalleled worth in our lives. This takes me back to my initial question, is just one day sufficient to cherish her presence? I believe not.

When a mother can dedicate every day of her life to her children, then why can’t we make every day a Mother’s Day? Why make her feel special and valued on just one designated day when you can give her random moments of joy every now and then? Of course, we should celebrate Mother’s Day will full zeal but what I’m trying to say is that do not sit and wait for this second Sunday of May to show her your love. Give her flowers on a random day, bring or send her favorite food on a random evening, take her out for a day, or simply cook something for her on any Sunday afternoon.

Mothers are simple beings who expect the least from us. She will start crying out of joy, get angry when she’s sad, and will even stop talking to you to show her disappointment (at least my mom does). But I’m also sure that a little gesture from us, even a very small one, will melt her within seconds. 

So, instead of buying her a huge gift on just Mother’s Day, make sure you make her feel valued and loved, and treat her right every single day. You don’t know how long you have her in your life, don’t waste a single opportunity to make each day count. 

-Manu Singh

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  1. It’s beautiful Manu. You have a heart of gold dear…it’s actually so easy to understand mother’s yet it takes years for some. God bless you meri jaan

  2. Very nicely written the role and love of a mother dear Manu, stay blessed for ever with lots lots of love to you ❤️❤️❤️🌷🌷🌷

  3. Thank you manu singh, for explaining the role and the heart of the mother, I m glad and overwhelmed through your gesture, love u mera bachaa, more and more, take care, proud to be your mother 🤗😘

  4. This was straight to the heart. Beautifully penned down, felt the emotions throughout. Great work ☺️

  5. your thoughts & feeling express in the article is awesome.God bless you always 💖

  6. your thoughts in article is awesome.God bless you always & keep doing good work 💖

  7. ❤️.. rest you already understand.. what i want to say.. Good 👍🏻 one..

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