The End Of Another Year – The Annual Wrap Up

Here we are again, at the brink of another year filled with countless experiences. This is the moment where our mind goes back in time to reflect on the highs, the lows, and everything in between that we’ve felt in the past 12 months. We are all wrapped in a multitude of overwhelming feelings and each one of us has our own way of bidding adieu to the passing year.  

Many of us are filled with optimism and believe in the fact that we should end this year on a positive note and welcome the coming one with open arms. While the rest just ponder on the past experiences, learn from them, and keep on going ‘one day at a time’. They do not like to burden their future with a lot of expectations. I’m not saying either of them is wrong; it is just the difference in how we perceive our lives. 

It’s actually funny how life works. Every day we go through multiple incidents, face different challenges, and experience varied emotions. We plan things in advance and reflect on the success or failure of those plans. But when you really think about it, in the end, all those incidents and days become one colossal stepping stone, helping us to move to the next stage of our lives. But unfortunately, this is not how we feel.   

Almost every person is absorbed in the dilemma of the ‘action and reaction’ phase. What we forget is to live the life that is happening in between. Here, let me explain. We humans have a natural tendency to be stuck in the loop of self-analysis. We often end up analyzing our actions and their consequences along with constantly feeling the “What If!”, like – “What if I had said no instead of yes?” or something like that. This leads us to always feel a sense of dissatisfaction or regret with our decisions and not cherish what actually happened – LIFE.  

So, in the pursuit of turning each wrong day into a right one, we end up losing some cherishing moments. So now you may wonder, “Ok! This is what we do, we know. Now tell us how to NOT do it.”  

Don’t worry. I have a solution and it will not be a motivational lecture, I promise. Although, you might have to strain your brain a bit. But as the year is about to end, it is much easier to do at this time. So, here is what you have to do:  

First, sit peacefully and brainstorm a list of the best things that happened to you in 2023.   

(It could be anything, from buying your dream item to visiting your dream place or spending valuable time with your family or friends. Don’t limit yourself and truly write what you feel were the best moments of this year. Maybe you were not feeling very grateful in those very moments, but really think about the ones that are or are going to be truly valuable to you in the long run.)  

The next step is to analyze were all those beautiful moments in your initial plans?  

(Figure out which one of those happened as per your plans and which ones happened naturally. Don’t hesitate to be honest here, it is after all an introspection.)  

If the list says that most of them were as planned, then you might not be facing this dilemma in the first place. Whereas if there are more of those that happened by fate, then you already have your answer.   

For instance, with the vision of making India healthier, Sterloc launched the IndiaSterlocked campaign in 2023. The campaign is based on the “Buy One, Donate One” model, where with each pack sold, we donate one to areas in need of proper sanitation. Since its inception, we’ve successfully held 7 campaigns around Panchkula in collaboration with Samvaad NGO. A lot of hard work and effort was put in to spread the message of public health and sanitation, but honestly speaking not everything that we achieved was planned on Day 1 and neither have we achieved all our intended goals within this year. But looking back on our successes and learning from the unsuccessful plans, we now have a clearer vision of what our 2024 is supposed to look like.  

What I’m trying to say is that instead of dwelling on the things that didn’t happen as planned, you can cherish the things that actually happened in those very moments. Moreover, you can now arrange your plans for the next year according to the goals you’ve already achieved. Then again, I’m not suggesting you start making many detailed or long-term plans already. Just know about your personal objectives and the gist of what your 2024 should look like. Meanwhile, keep cherishing what comes your way because ultimately, each day will lead you to where you’re supposed to be; that is much more important than hurting yourself over small unsuccessful plans.   

As the year comes to a close, I hope each of you finds that peace and serenity within yourself and begins your new year with a newfound energy. No matter how 2023 was, count your blessings, learn from your failures, and make sure you enjoy each moment and do not just exhaust yourself on making each day ‘Perfect.’ 

-Manu Singh

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