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The Civil Code of Holiday Cheer

I know the title made you wonder, “Hein!!” But there’s nothing to worry about.   

The holiday season is a wonderful time of the year with beautiful decorations, delicious meals, and magic in the air. We all love to celebrate it with our friends and family. From outstation trips to a small backyard bonfire or maybe a house party, we celebrate the joy in our own way. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, you must prioritize the protection of your loved ones from the rising winter season diseases, especially amidst the return of another Covid-variant JN.1. This is what I mean when I say the civil code of holiday cheer.  

Of course, there’s no legal obligation of how you should be celebrating the day. Party however you like, aunty police nahi bulaegi. But by using the term ‘civil code’ here, I intend to emphasize the significance of maintaining proper hygiene even while partying. It is a generic understanding of the precautionary measures that all of us need to keep in mind while having our own festivities. Following these can really help you cherish the Christmas and New Year cheer to the fullest without affecting your health. So, there’s actually no harm.  

Let me list down a few:  

Keep Warm   

First and foremost, keep yourself warm and cozy. I know we all plan to look our best but don’t compromise on your health. Being covered and safe from those harmful chilly winds is crucial. Make all efforts to avoid catching a cold/cough or fever that can lead to any other severe problems for you or your family.  

Take Special Care of Children and Seniors  

Children and seniors require special care because of their fragile immunity, So put special focus on maintaining their hygiene. Give them a good diet and keep away from germ-prone surroundings. Kids can be hard to control, so you can rely on sanitizers for their safety. An HOCL-based sanitizer like Sterloc is the best solution, as its alcohol-free nature makes it safe for everyone.   

Disinfect Surfaces and Use Hand Sanitizers  

Whether celebrating indoors or going on a trip, make sure you disinfect all surfaces and furniture thoroughly to avoid contact with harmful germs. Keeping a sanitizer or disinfectant handy can be quite useful, especially when you’re away from home. And even at home, you can place a sanitizer at different locations for people to use frequently in order to avoid any prevailing diseases.  

Wash Hands Frequently, Especially Before Eating  

Don’t allow children to stuff food with unclean hands. This can be the most dangerous among all. Strictly instruct them to wash their hands or sanitize them before eating anything. This will keep them safe and free from catching any infection.  

Check Food Contamination  

Also, check the food for contamination. Only serve fresh food at your own party, and if outside, eat from reputed outlets. Avoid getting hung up on unhygienic street food. The best you can do is try to take homemade food, if possible. Trust me, you’ll not be missing much and have good gut health, improving your overall fitness and immunity as well.  

Be Aware of Insects and Flies  

When outside, check for proper protection from flies or other insects, as they can be carriers of various harmful bacteria. Use repellents and ointments on children to keep them safe. Even at home or having a backyard party, keep the food safe from these insects. Don’t leave food unattended or uncovered for long.  

Avoid Going to Places with Huge Gatherings, Unless Necessary  

And lastly, if it is not absolutely necessary, avoid going to overly crowded parties or areas. Because when you party, you tend to forget the rules. So, it’s best to avoid such places where you can catch a disease that may not be harmful to you at the moment but affects your family members as you carry it home.   

Although these are quite general points, this blog is just a small reminder to take care of yourself and your loved ones. While celebrations can be full of craziness, let’s not allow the party mood to spill our health. After all, we all want to enter the new year with fun, laughter, and good health.   

So, don’t let yourself get affected by a virus or be a carrier of some disease. Follow the civil code to celebrate wisely and keep your family and friends safe. Remember, good hygiene practices are a gift for a lifetime.  

Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year. I hope you stay healthy, happy, and safe in 2024. 

-Manu Singh

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