International Day Of Families

Role Of Urbanization In Welfare Of Families Worldwide

15th May is International Day Of Families, and like every year, the United Nations has set a theme to celebrate this important day. Saying “Happy International Day of Families” is not enough if you want to contribute to this one of the important global topical days.

This year’s theme is families & urbanization. You might wonder, how are families connected with urbanization? What is the connection? Thousands of ways to combine these two aspects, but first, you should know the importance of this day. After learning the essence, I will explain the International Day of Families 2022 theme and its meaning.

In 1993, a general assembly of the United Nations (UN) announced 15 May as the International Day of Families. This day is important to generate awareness for various aspects better for the families. These aspects can be social, economic, or any else.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) make a significant addition to the value of this significant day. In 2015, the United Nations decided to add more than a dozen goals to make life easier, prosper, healthy, wealthy, and suitable for all people in the form of a family.

This year, the United Nations wants the whole world to pay attention to the various trends affecting families. These trends include various technological advancements, migrations, and urbanization.

The United Nations wants to ensure that any form of advancement or the trend should come so that no families are affected negatively. The effort is to make urbanization policies so much oriented toward the well-being of the families.

This is what the International Day of Families 2022 theme talks about. It is more focused on the change-making efforts so that all the nations and the regulatory authorities make well-aligned policies with the families.

What do I mean when I say “Well-being” of the families? It is always related to the overall well-being of all the humans on this planet, but there is something more important to understand. What is the primary or dominating aspect of this overall well-being factor? It is the health of all humans.

Health was always important, and it had become more critical today when we just passed through a difficult phase of Covid-19. Before Covid-19, it felt like “Health” was pulled down on our lists of priorities in life. Every problematic phase in life teaches us a lesson; Covid-19 did the same to us; It made us more aware of health. From the individual level to healthcare regulatory authorities, there is more focus on health, and more initiatives will be taken for overall health improvement.

Focus On The Building-block

The more you are aware of making yourself and your family healthy, the more you will find that you are productive, satisfied, successful, and happy in your life.

We can say that health is the building block for the overall happiness of someone. Whether you are part of a family or an individual, good health is always the first thing we seek. It has become more critical because we have to be more alert against viruses after the pandemic.

Healthcare facilities were the primary need of families during the pandemic. Due to urbanization, there were advanced healthcare facilities available. The real problem was faced by the families living in remote areas, where proper urbanization hasn’t yet taken place. That is why the United Nations wants the whole world to focus more on urbanization to uplift the lifestyle of families throughout the globe.

-Pankaj Rai

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