Independence Day Special

Independence Day is special! 

India celebrates its Independence Day every year on 15th August. The day marks our independence from the British on 15th August 1947. 

Let’s have a look at India before independence

European traders had us by the 17th century. The East India Company had established itself by the 18th century. The British assumed direct control of India following the 1857 revolt. 

Years passed by, struggles surmounted, gallant men and women came forward to fight for the freedom of their beloved country. More than anyone else, they faced maximum opposition from their fellow Indians. Yet, nothing held them back from moving on. They were physically wounded, emotionally tortured, mentally harassed, and all this only made their mission stronger. They endured a painstaking life for us to thrive in a shackle-free nation. Some of them did not even survive to see the Free India they endeavored for. 

Every time a slogan was raised or a movement established, the eyes shone a little brighter, but the hopes were shattered with brutal incidents leading to sad endings. Gathering themselves again, the fighters rose and resumed their fight. Ways were different, ideologies wide apart, but the intention was the same.

Declaring a ‘Purna Swaraj’ in 1929, the Congress observed 26th January as the Independence Day each year from 1930 to 1946, till finally achieving independence in 1947. 

The journey to freedom was hard; what followed was even harder. The partition between India and Pakistan along the religious lines shook the very roots of the countries and citizens. Religious violence led to mass casualties and fierce riots. Nearly 15 million people were displaced. Their loud cries were muted by the louder aggression and brutality of the time. People lost their loved ones, their body parts, and their souls to this lamentable partition.

India after Independence

Blessed are we to be born in Free India!

Yes, we are blessed, but are we grateful or deserving of this change? Something to ponder about..

  • Do you or people you know prefer their son’s education over their daughter’s?
  • Are you a girl and feel unsafe going out alone?
  • Do you hear news of people fighting over their caste or religion?
  • Do you feel scared of voicing your genuine concerns or opinions?
  • Can you not afford a good college despite being a brilliant student or a hospital bed despite paying the usual fee because you do not have enough money for a bribe?
  • Do you see a group of people throwing rubbish outside your home but dare not say a word for fear of getting abused?
  • Do you see an ambulance charging way more than the defined rates seeing the emergency of the situation you are trapped in?
  • Do you see the custom of dowry still in practice?
  • Does asking your friends or family to follow some rules make you sound stupid?
  • Do you prefer ‘out of court’ settlements as court cases will take years to resolve?  

If the answer to any of the above questions is Yes, then I have my doubts about Free India. Yes we are free from British rule, but there are millions of barriers to be broken, hundreds of challenges to be overcome, and uncountable pain areas to be accepted and worked upon. However, I believe Together We Can! We’ll not let the battles of our freedom fighters go to waste and restore the freedom we desired in the first place. 

Wishing you a meaningful Independence Day!

Avani Raj Arora

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