As we celebrate this world day for safety and health at work, let us understand what safety and health at work mean and how we can contribute.

Importance Of World Day For Safety And Health At Work

I was never aware of this day when I was in school. I came to know about it when I joined my first company. However, there was a chapter related to safety at work in my college syllabus, but that was not enough to make me aware of the importance of World Day For Safety and Health at Work.

I learned that 28th April is dedicated as World Day For Safety And Health At Work, and it is celebrated worldwide.

I know that the case is the same for most of us. We didn’t know about this day before we joined our first company. Everyone will get to know about it when they are working somewhere, but don’t you think we need to change this perspective?

It is easy for us to add up things to our subconscious minds, so don’t you think this day must be included in our school or college learning material? Like we learned the importance of traffic rules, physical exercises, and so many other things that help us to focus more on our safety and health. Safety and health at work can also be promoted in the same way.

No issues, we can still make ourselves part of this global awareness campaign; but before we get to know how to contribute and become a part of this campaign, we need to know a few things about

Importance of The Day

International Labour Organisation (ILO) declared the 28th of April celebrated as World Day for Safety and Health at Work in 2003. The purpose of this day is to make the whole world aware of the safety and health of workers. The meaning behind this day is to make everyone aware of the safety of workers in terms of the work environment.

What’s The Theme This Year?

Every year, a new theme brings more essence to this important day and makes it more valuable for the world. The theme is always important because it helps us to celebrate this day uniformly and convey the message of safety and health at work more effectively. This year’s theme is “Participation And Social Dialogue In Creating A Positive Safety And Health Culture.”

How Can We Participate?

Now it comes to how we as individuals can participate in the celebration. Not only the festival but how can we contribute towards the awareness?

Whenever it comes to safety and health at work, we all think that it is the organization’s responsibility.

How? The responsibilities should be distributed equally between both parties. Employers are responsible for providing a safe work environment to the employees. The employees have to ensure that their actions are always lying under the safety guidelines developed by the employer or any safety-related entity.


A safe work environment is not enough to ensure safety and health at work; there must be something that assures us. The mindset of employees toward safety is also essential. They should take actions that ensure safety, not risk.

It doesn’t matter if you are working on a production line or just working on a comfortable work desk; safety and health must always be your priority. From personal health to the health of others, we need to take care of everything. The pandemic has brought up some new and strange difficulties that we need to tackle at our workplace.

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