Gita Gopinath

Gita Gopinath: a Success Story of many Transitions

                         From Science to Economics

                                    From 45 per cent to 90 per cent 

                                              From a sporty person to an economist 

                                                               From a middle-class Indian to IMF’s …….

It was a proud moment not only for Gita Gopinath, her family but for entire India when she took up the role as the first woman Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Adding to the pleasure, she’s been recently offered the position of the First Deputy Managing Director of the IMF. 

Besides the offered role that Gopinath is all set to embrace next year, what amused us more were the words Kristalina Georgieva, IMF’s Managing Director had to say about her. With the many things she said, one that summarises every emotion is, “Indeed, her particular skill set – combined with her years of experience at the Fund as Chief Economist – make her uniquely well qualified. She is the right person at the right time.”

Immense hard work and the commitment to adapt to new changes necessary for her dreams to come true led Gopinath to the much prestigious life she has built for herself! 

We all may fear change and struggle through different situations; we’ll discuss today very minute things and changes that happen regularly and are neglected largely. 

5 situations where we need to change

➣Getting late to the office or missing out on breakfast daily?

          Try getting up 10 minutes early!

➣Have a mild headache in the morning when you wake up?

           Try sleeping an hour or 30 minutes before your usual time!

➣Body aches during and after work?

           Try taking a 5-minute walking or stretching break every 45 minutes!

➣A person at home/office pisses you off?

           Try moving out of the situation for some time! 

➣Unable to give time to your family due to your busy schedule?

           Try setting out at least a 15 minutes window initially during dinner or any other time for them, with   no gadgets in your hand (switch off the phone if need be)

5 situations where we need to accept change

✪Wardrobe malfunction interrupted with your planned dress and mood for the day?

          It’s ok, go for another one!

✪Had to miss a movie because of a friend?

          Don’t be snappy; it’s a movie; can be planned some other day!

✪Had an unexpectedly bad day?

          It happens even to the best of us, ok to be sad – take a break and get back!

✪You had finally adjusted to a routine, and it was abruptly disrupted due to someone?

          I know it’s frustrating but unfortunately unavoidable; better try adapting to it!

✪Didn’t receive the welcome you had expected?

          Can’t change how others behave; better we control our behavior around it!

I know these changes seem entirely negligible; however, let’s start small and go big!

Avani Raj Arora

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