Marathon ready

Are you Marathon Ready?

With each passing day, our much-awaited half-marathon event is approaching nearer and nearer. So, are we ready for D-Day?

Preparing for a marathon is in itself a marathon. You need to be cautious and take care of your body before, during, and after the race. The final preparation starts a week before your final marathon. And you got to love this week as it should be very relaxing.

Before we lay out some helpful ideas, let’s remember the most critical mantra here, i.e., “try nothing new in the last week!”

  • We should not have participated in any long-run this month, or at least three weeks before the marathon.
  • Tapering is a very important practice we should start following a week before our big run. Taper your workout or training routine to relax and restore your muscles. 
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet. The food we eat is crucial for our body’s health, stamina, and immunity. All these aspects are of prime importance during a race, especially during the current times of ‘you-know-what.’ You may try a diet rich in complex carbohydrates, including vegetables, breads, and rice. However, do not change your diet radically during the last few days; as we mentioned earlier, ‘nothing new in the approaching days.’ Keep yourself hydrated, drink a lot of water. 
  • We need to sleep well during the week before the race. Our body will appreciate and put up its best if we allow it a good sleep and relaxing routine. 
  • Check the weather forecast for the planned day. We would need to wear and carry our clothing and accessories along accordingly. We’ll discuss the stuff we need to pack later in the section.
  • We must wear clothes, socks, headwear (if any), and shoes we are comfortable in. We must not try any new clothing on the race day. 

Pack your Bags

We should carry a well-packed bag to a well-planned race, shouldn’t we? Here’s a list of items we think might be necessary. (Please note you need to check and carry the blue ones. We will take care of the red ones at the venue).

  • Extra pair of clothes, socks, shoes. We never know when we might need these; hence it is best to go prepared.
  • Stuff to keep you hydrated. We have ensured the availability of adequate hydration points and other drinks in the route. However, if you use different (energy) drinks during the race, you must carry them along.
  • You must carry towels, hand towels, and tissues along. These are essential for both need and hygiene perspectives.
  • Always bring along safety pins. Never let a case of wardrobe malfunction be a botheration.
  • Skin-care products like Vaseline, sunscreen, lip balm, blister care, etc., are also essential, specifically for people who use these on a routine basis.
  • Disinfection is the need of the hour and vital for athletes. We will ensure the availability of a very safe, chemical-free sanitizer, Sterloc, that will help you disinfect yourself during the half-marathon. 
  • Carry extra masks along. You may use cotton or disposable masks, but bring along an extra in the bag. During the race, your body will generate heat, you will perspire, and you might need to change your mask.
  • Running constantly may make you uncomfortable and cause pain. We will provide our instant pain-relief solution, R3SET, at the venue. R3SET is all-natural, and you can use it without giving any second thought as it won’t cause any side effects. It would be available in emulsion, gel, spray, and tablet form; you may use it as per your convenience. 
  • If you follow any other medications, then don’t forget to put them in your bag. 
  • Summers are on, and some people might be sensitive to the sun’s heat. Add any such item that you might use during this weather, like sunglasses, gloves, etc.
  • Make sure you pack anything else that is essential for you.

The Countdown Begins.. 

The week before the race is significant. It could be exciting and overwhelming. Let’s try and chart it out.

  1. Day 1 – Monday – 22 August

Stop all the tough workouts. Focus on stretching, rolling, and other light exercises. Prepare yourself mentally, and say, ‘I am ready!’

  1. Day 2 – Tuesday – 23 August

Do easy runs. This is the day you groom your body. If there is an impending need for cutting your nails, hair, or visiting a parlor, do it today. 

  1. Day 3 – Wednesday – 24 August

If you wish to go to a gym, you may do a 30 minutes cross training today followed by stretches. Or else, go for a soft run. Don’t set a target or anything, just enjoy your run.

  1. Day 4 – Thursday – 25 August

Today is visualization day. Imagine yourself running your half-marathon and enjoying it to the fullest. Take your imagination along and go for a run. Another important thing for today is to study your venue.

  1. Day 5 – Friday – 26 August

Do simple walking, rolling, and stretching. Today is the day you select your clothes and shoes for the run.

  1. Day 6 – Saturday – 27 August

No exercise, no running. Just relax and calm yourself. Try to stay at home. People try going out and shopping to clear their minds, but it may exhaust you. Instead, make it a resting day at home. This is also the day you finalize your packing.

  1. D-Day – Sunday – 28 August 

Get ready and have your breakfast. Lubricate your body areas that are prone to chafing. Start at least an hour before the scheduled time (it depends on the distance of your home from the marathon venue). Try to warm up before you start (please note it should be a subtle warm-up just to loosen up your body). And you are ready – get, set, and go. Enjoy your race!

Keep walking slowly for some time once you finish your half-marathon, and stretch gently. You would be dehydrated, hence drink water. Eat something healthy before you go home and hit the hay. Don’t plan any running activity one week after the run; you may opt for swimming, cycling, or walking. Going for a body massage is also a good revival option!

We wish you all the very best for your half-marathon. We hope you cherish this well-deserved change and create memories worth sharing!

Avani Raj Arora

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