A single 100 ML bottle can evolve into a concept of hygiene for our innocent minds -IndiaSterlocked – Buy to Donate!

Hand hygiene is absolutely essential for all at all times. Following the practice of hand hygiene can considerably reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. Hand washing is the primary and irreplaceable concept of hygiene. It is not as elemental as it sounds or as we take it – the process needs to be done aptly and for the correct duration!

Then follows a superlative concept of hand hygiene, and that is, the use of an effective & skin-friendly hand sanitizer. The efficacy enables the instant “cleaning & eliminating” process, & the skin-friendly attribute keeps your hands soft & sanitized. It is an apt sanitizer spray for home!

While our esteemed customers do understand it – it becomes our social duty to spread the concept of hand hygiene far & wide & enable those to practice it who cannot afford it!